Apps(Android) to Save Your Eyes from Harmful Blue Light

The names of these apps are similar to each other but each of them have something unique about them.

Blue Light Filter – Night Mode, Eye Care

Blue Light Filter Apps Screenshot
Blue Light Filter App Screenshot

Blue Light Filter is a great app with its best feature being the availability of different modes for different lighting conditions in which you would use your phone like in sunlight, in an artificial lighted environment, in dark, under a candle etc. You can also adjust the intensity of the selected mode or the brightness of the screen according to your need.

You can also save your own custom settings as presets and switch between them with just a single click.

I liked this app very much. But there’s only one thing that bugs me about this particular app, and that is the ads(in free version). You can opt to remove those ads but that will cost you 200 INR.

Blue Light Filter – sleep better, best eye care

Blue Light Filter Apps Screenshots
Blue Light Filter App Screenshots

This app is a no nonsense app which will do just what you want it to do. You can select from some modes like Lamp, Sunset etc. It also has a timer setting using which you can schedule to start/stop the display mode according to your working hours on the phone.

And this app is totally ad free but there’s only one problem with this app. It leaves notification bar while applying it’s filter and hence it seems weird.


Twilight Apps Screenshots
Twilight Screenshots

Apart from the features like presets(Bedtime Reading is the best pre-saved preset) and timer, Twilight also allows you to start it as soon as you start your phone. Other apps may need to be started once if a person restarts the phone.

You can also schedule when you want a particular light filter to be applied automatically based on the time of sunset/sunrise and you can also specify custom time when you want to start it.

There’s one unique thing about Twilight. It also filters your homescreen wallpaper which I didn’t like much as a feature as the color overlay and the filtered wallpaper makes your it a totally different thing. You can turn it off though.

Blue Light Filter – Screen Dimmer for Eye Care

Blue Light Filter Apps Screenshots
Blue Light Filter App Screenshots

This is another great app. The USP of this app is the Eyecare Test module. You can test if your eyes are tired and it also has some simple exercises to refresh your eyes and relieve some of your eye strain.

This app doesn’t have saved modes though which is a bummer and it also has a lot of ads. So if ads annoy you very easily, don’t install it at all. Worth a try though.

If you are looking for a similar app for your desktop/laptop, learn how to install F.lux on your Linux and/or Windows machine.

If you think I have missed something out, comment down below for your addition.

Qualcomm is ready for 5G with its new products.

Mobiles – Snapdragon 855

Recently, Qualcomm unveiled it’s new mobile chip Snapdragon 855. Apart from the improved processing capabilities, this particular processor is special for Qualcomm and mobile industry in general because of it’s 5G support. It will provide a download speed of up to several gigabytes per second and it will also have an improved multi-core AI engine for better camera and AI features that almost all mobile phones boast these days.

“One Plus would be the first to launch a 5G enabled smartphone next year.”

Qualcomm is also serious about Augmented Reality(AR) which it refers as “extended reality” and Snapdragon 855 will also support better processing of depth details and hence improving overall AR app experience on mobile phones.

Desktops – Snapdragon 8cx Compute

You might be thinking, “Desktops? And Qualcomm?”. Yes, Qualcomm is expanding in desktops/laptops territory.

Few days back Qualcomm introduced it’s new Snapdragon 8cx Compute Platform chip dedicated to “Business PCs” primarily supporting Windows 10 Enterprise edition. This is not the first time Qualcomm has entered Intel’s dominant desktop chip-set industry but this time it’s different.

Previously, Qualcomm launched its chipsets for desktops, but those were nothing but modified versions of its mobile counterparts.

This particular chip is more efficient and more feature rich than Qualcomm’s previous attempts. This is what Qualcomm says about it’s internet capability, “Multi-gigabit speeds for virtually seamless cloud connectivity/computing: up to 2Gbps LTE”. Apart from that, it will also have additions like 4th gen AI engine, improved crypto-security, All-ways aware technology, Quick-charge.

This will also open doors for Qualcomm in Data centers. Presently, almost all the processors in data centers are intel’s. But since Qualcomm seems serious about entering a more serious market than mobiles, maybe 8cx series will mark Qualcomm’s advent as a major chip-set manufacturer.

Mobile Modems – Snapdragon X50 5G Modem

In the Qualcomm’s mobile modems lineup, the most recent one is the Snapdragon X50 5G Modem. It will accelerate the rise of 5G networks in the telecom industry.

So you can expect a 5G enabled phone in your hand in the first half of 2019. But just having a 5G enabled phone is not enough. You gotta have a 5G network to which your phone will connect. 

The network carriers are super competitive about bringing 5G network to the consumers first. The infrastructure to start 5G network requires a mesh of several network towers having their heights ranging between 15-30 feet.

These 5G network poles are reported to have cause some serious health troubles among different groups of people, animals and birds.

Read: 5g, a win or a big lose?

The 5G is still in testing phase and still needs a lot of infrastructures to be put in areas around people to enable them to get connected to 5G network. But before that, it is necessary to check the harms it may cause to living beings.

Comment down your thoughts about Qualcomm and its chipsets or 5G and its uses/harms.