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Interesting GitHub Repositories

GitHub, a hotspot for many interesting and useful open-source projects, has some projects that you will love and praise because of their uniqueness and/or the problem it is intended to solve. So here they are:


Talking about something interesting must start with our very own Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. ModiScript seems like a joke by its name but it’s totally legit. It’s a scripting language with all the phrases and ideas our PM is popular for. Understood Mitron!!

The program file extension is .chai, “bhaiyo aur beheno” is used to print text on the console, to accept input you use “man ki baat”. It’s hilarious and excellent at the same time.

factorial 1 hai
i 1 hai
bhaiyo aur behno "ek nambar do"
mann ki baat nambar
agar nambar 0 se kam hai
	bhaiyo aur behno "nakaratmak sankhyao ka factorial nai hota bhaiyo aur behno par mujhe sirf 50 din dijiye"
nahi toh {
	jab tak i nambar se zyada hai {
		factorial factorial taimes i hai
		i i plus 1 hai
bhaiyo aur behno nambar
bhaiyo aur behno "ka factorial"
bhaiyo aur behno factorial
bhaiyo aur behno "hai"
acche din aa gaye

Use this scripting language to make some interesting programs and comment down below to showcase them.


This repository is something out from a sci-fi movie hacker’s computer. I always wanted a fancy, “hacker-like” GUI and this project provide me exactly that. Wanna look badass in front of your colleagues, friends? Download and install edex-ui from it’s GitHub repo.
Just look at this thing. It’s so sick.

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Yeah, I know you want to earn money. Everyone does. But if you don’t know exactly how you can use your computer science knowledge to start earning, visit awesome-indie, a complete guide full of information about how you can start with the ideas you have in your mind with stories/articles from people who have made it big in the industry. Tickle the entrepreneur in you and get started with building things, profit or loss, you will learn. The information is inspiring, in fact, EveryFoss is a result of the motivation I got from one of those articles. So yeah, it works and it’s a must visit.


So, you want an internship? In your head, if you answered yes or maybe, go visit this repository. It contains useful information about the opportunities and how you can apply for them. It also provides some useful tips about Resume writing and cover letters. A must visit for freshers and anyone who wants to get started as a Computer Science professional.


Yup! you read that right. A rover, open-sourced and it is maintained by none other than NASA. It’s a small version of the rovers that roam around on Mars’ surface. From making lego houses to making a Mars rover, we all grew up. Just look at it, isn’t it cute?

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Open Source Rover


Got shortlisted for an interview? Congratulations, now go through this repository to prepare for your interview and get ready to nail it. The list of resource in this repository is intimidating and can easily distract you so focus on reading only relevant information.


If you have heard words like Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and OpenCV, which most probably you have, then you must visit this repository. Even if you don’t know anything about those topics, the repository is a great example for the things you can do with your code and this motivates you to start learning about Machine Learning and make things like that.

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Sign Language Gestures


Love making new things? Visit this repository to learn to make software ranging from ToDo app, chat app, calculator, chat-bot, an Instagram clone, a music player, a game, a blog and many more.

Make sure to make as many things as possible so that you can showcase it to people you want to impress or rock it on your Resume. Most of them are super instructive and follows a step-by-step procedure so it’s also beginner friendly.


Love reading? Love reading Scifi? If you screamed YESSS, visit awesome-sci-fi, a crowd-sourced list of all the favorite and most loved sci-fi novels and short stories.


Did I miss something that should have been in this list? If so, comment down the open-source repositories you find very interesting.


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